Seems like every mortgage site (and ad) you see or hear will tantalize you with “unheard of rates that could end NOW”! Have you ever met someone that actually wound up with one of those mythical rates?

So how do they get away with it? Typically, they conveniently leave out the fact that in order to actually get those rates, you might need any or all of the following:

  • Better than perfect credit. Warren Buffett might qualify.
  • A ridiculous down payment.
  • Thousands of dollars up front (“points”) to reduce the rate
  • A shorter loan period (instead of the common 30 year length)

Rather than bait people with an unrealistic rate just to get them to contact us, we’d rather give you a conservative look at realistic available rates. Your actual rate could be slightly higher or slightly lower, depending on quite a number of factors.  We also will not pretend to know what will happen to rates in the next few months.

Part of our job as professional mortgage providers is to analyze your current situation and assist you in finding just the right product for you. Rate is only one factor!

Now, on to the rates. These rates are current as of September 16th, 2016:

Loan Program Rate Years APR
FIXED-Purchase/Refinance 3.375 30 3.452
FIXED-Purchase/Refinance 3.25 20 3.788
FIXED-Purchase/Refinance 2.875 15 2.912
FIXED-Purchase/Refinance 2.750 10 2.811
3 YR ARM-Purchase/Refi 3.000 30 2.952
5 YR ARM-Purchase/Refi 3.250 30 3.130
7 YR ARM-Purchase/Refi 3.625 30 3.520
FIXED-FHA 3.125 30 3.456
FIXED-FHA 203k Rehab 3.750 30 4.120
FIXED JUMBO-5/1 ARM 3.990 30 4.130
USDA 30 Year Fixed 3.250 30 3.523


Conventional rates based on owner occupied property, $200,000 loan amount, 80% LTV and 740 credit score.  FHA rates based on 3.5% down payment, 680 credit score.  Terms and conditions will apply. Not all borrowers will qualify.